Transmedia Indiana

426116_234938209927485_1137004727_nTransmedia Indiana was an immersive learning project at Ball State University. In partnership with the Indiana State Museum and the Town of New Harmony, a group of twenty-six students worked together to create a 45,000 word interactive ebook based upon actual artifacts from Indiana’s history. For more information about the project, please visit these links:

For this project, my partner and I planned and executed a two day live event at the museum in 1,500 square feet of exhibit space. The event featured a few of the real artifacts mentioned within the narrative, a fictional “case file” bulletin board full of clues and coordinates central to the story, a collection of easels featuring images of New Harmony, a SCVNGR challenge, and computers and tablets from which visitors could visit the fictional and nonfictional websites and preview the book. Here is footage from the event:

My partner and I were also responsible for all social media and email marketing campaigns for the project. Over the course of one semester, we reached ~1,000 people via Twitter, Facebook, and ExactTarget.