Master’s Thesis

The title of my thesis is Comics: The (Not Only) Visual Medium.


Comics studies tends to privilege the visual, and some scholars, like Scott McCloud believe that comics are solely visual. However, as Ian Hague has noted, the idea that comics are a solely visual medium is not only incomplete but does not align with what the sciences of perception and embodied cognition tell us. This paper seeks to build upon Hague’s work by calling attention to and analyzing comics which exist without or with little visual imagery. These comics can be sorted into two primary categories, audiocomics and tactile comics. As these comics were created for people who have partial or no sight, existing guidelines and standards for creating aural and tactile imagery for people with partial or no sight are used to analyze the comics’ success in achieving an experience that is easy to understand and also utilizes the medium’s strengths. The comics are then analyzed as a whole in order to determine areas for improvement and additional experimentation.

If you would like to know more about my thesis, please contact me.

Data Storytelling with PEW’s Survey of Library Use

For the data storytelling unit of workshop in Fall 2014, I decided to visualize PEW’s 2013 Library Typology data. This was my first attempt at working with data, so I ran into a few roadblocks. After struggling to properly scrape and clean the data, I decided to present the data alongside my personas for the project as library patron profiles. If I were to revisit the project, I would actually make library cards with persona info in the form of an ID on one side and the data on the back. Additionally, I would choose different fonts, and I would recolor the visualizations.

Here is the design document.

Transmedia Storytelling Database

For the digital humanities portion of the Fall 2014 workshop, I decided to build a database for transmedia stories. One of the sites I had used for this purpose had shut down, and I found that there was a need for a replacement. My attempt can be found at Ultimately, I decided not to continue with the project, because I found that my own understanding of the nature of transmedia storytelling was shifting during my time in the program.

Edit:  I have since come across a group of students at a different university who are creating a database of transmedia stories. You can see their work here: